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Entrance and grandstand tickets

Entrance ticket (online):  € 8,50 per person (including program booklet).
Children up to 16 years free of charge
Entrance ticket: € 12,00 per person (including program booklet).
Children up to 16 years free of charge
Grandstand ticket (online): 
€ 10,00 per person (wriststrap)

Entrance tickets (standing places) are available now for pre-sale on the ticketpage via this website

On Sunday September 10th 2023, you can buy a ticket at one of the checkout points around Lichtenvoorde. Children and young adults up to 16 years are free of charge.

Grandstand tickets
Grandstand tickets will be available for pre-sale again soon via this website. There are grandstand tickets for the five stands on the Varsseveldseweg and the Richterslaan. Grandstand tickets only give you the right for a place on one of the stands, entrance is not included. 

On Sunday September 10th grandstand tickets are available – when in stock – at the stands. The seats are not numbered. Upon arrival, you will be allocated a place. The first row of each stand is reserved for disabled people.


Coming from Arnhem - Doetinchem (A12,A18,N18)
Coming from the direction Arnhem-Doetinchem,

Coming from Bocholt-Aalten (N313)
Coming from the direction Bocholt-Aalten go left on the roundabout to the Aaltenseweg, follow signs.
Navigation: Aaltenseweg 86, Lichtenvoorde

Coming from Enschede (N18)
Coming from the direction of Enschede-Groenlo, head towards Lichtenvoorde. Take the exit on the left to Aalten-Bocholt, at the second roundabout turn right, follow signs on the Aaltenseweg.
Navigation: Aaltenseweg 86, Lichtenvoorde


In the immediate vicinity of the Flower parade, several parking spaces are furnished.
The parking fee is € 3,00

On presentation of a disabled parking ticket you can pass the checkout with your car. You then only pay entrance. Parking places for disabled persons are located at:

Secondary School Marianum (nearby the Wentholtpark)
Navigation: Rode van Heeckerenstraat 1

Ludgerhof (former church)
Navigation: Ludgerhof 2


The length of the route of the Flower parade is 2.5 km. On the above map, the route of the parade is highlighted in green. You will also find an overview of the stands (stands A-De Klinke & B-Antoniushove are at Varsseveldseweg; stand C-Richterslaan is at Richterslaan).

The parade starts at 14:00 and goes by the following streets:
• Gert Reindersstraat (exhibition grounds)
• Varsseveldseweg (stands A &  B) 
• Esstraat
• Richterslaan (stand C)
• Lievelderweg
• Aaltenseweg
• De Rode van Heeckerenstraat
• Bronckhorststraat
• Hendrik Leemreizestraat (exhibition grounds)

Toilet facilities

Toilet facilities can be found at the following locations along the route:
• in the parking lot on the left of the Town Hall
• at the height of ‘Gunnewick mengvoeders’ at Richterslaan
• in the parking lot of the Ludgerhof (former church) on the corner Ludgerstraat/ Tongerlosestraat


At the end of the Flower parade - about 4.30 pm- the floats are lined op at the exhibition grounds situated at the ‘Gert Reindersstraat’. This area is beautifully illuminated at night. The exhibition area is open to the public from 16:30 to approximately 23:00. In the program booklet ‘Corso in Zicht’ you will find a map of the parade route. The exhibition area is also mentioned on the map. The main entrance of the exhibition area is situated at the Hendrik Leemreizestraat. On Monday morning, after the awards ceremony, the parade will follow the same route as it did on Sunday. On Monday the exhibition area is opened form 12.00 am till 22.00 pm.

Opening hours exhibition area
Sunday 8th September 2024, from 16:30 pm - 22.00 pm.
Monday 9th September 2024, from 12:00 pm - 22:00 pm.