Name: Goldfish
Designer(s): Chris Onstenk en Glenn ter Haar

Position 2022: 1 (6365 points)

Lansink Bluiminck

Name: Cowboys
Designer(s): Mark Muller

Position 2022: 2 (6360 points)

John Thomas, Mike Matthews and Bruce Howard were the greatest villains of the Wild West in their heyday. They are now a couple of years older and their trusty steed has been exchanged for a wooden one. Reportedly they are visiting Lichtenvoorde today…


Name: My favorites
Designer(s): Karin Boschker

Position 2022: 3 (5580 points)

Everyone has or had them. One or more cuddly toys went everywhere with you. A buddy with whom everything was shared in the first years of life. They will stay with you forever in your mind, because your favorites are invaluable.


Name: Climate Refugees
Designer(s): Paul Wieggers

Position 2022: 4 (5340 points)

Wintertime no longer seems to be the domain of the king of the winter. Warming forces us to move to colder places, where the weather is truly royal.


Name: Solo
Designer(s): Eljon Konink

Position 2022: 5 (4860 points)

A sold out rock concert. It is sweltering hot and the air is steaming. The band builds to the climax and brings the audience into ecstasy. And then, at that moment, the hands go up in front. The guitarist doesn't think twice. He closes his eyes and lets himself fall. The most epic solo is carried by hundreds of fans.


Name: Medusa
Designer(s): Jobbe Reukers

Position 2022: 6 (4800 points)

Handsome, beautiful, perhaps dazzling. This Sunday she would like to look you in the eye, but do you dare to look back?

De Witte Brug

Name: Battered
Designer(s): Luuk Roelofsen

Position 2022: 7 (4710 points)

We go back to the year 1815 in France, 26 years after the start of the French Revolution. Louis XVIII is our king. Our badly battered ship is returning from a fierce battle at sea, part of our crew has been lost. Under harsh orders from peacekeepers, this ship is pulled into the wharf by the remaining convicts. Inspired by the opening scene of the musical Les Misérables.


Name: Jack-o'-lantern
Designer(s): Jord van den Berg

Position 2022: 8 (4680 points)

This year we are bringing Halloween to the streets of Lichtenvoorde!
A typical American Halloween tradition is to make a jack-o'-lantern.
A jack-o'-lantern consists of a hollowed-out pumpkin with a scary face carved into it.


Name: Migrating birds
Designer(s): Sjoerd Spijkers

Position 2022: 9 (4440 points)
Bird migration will start again in the 2nd weekend of September. Our birds will wander through the streets of Lichtenvoorde before heading to the warm south, where they will soon be on display in one of the many toy shops in the country. Do they know how to 'catch' your attention?


Name: Exp V-202240
Designer(s): Gezienus Bruining

Position 2022: 10 (4380 points)

Looking for extraterrestrial life. After two years, our expedition will finally start. From our KIFSR (Kwintet Institute For Space Research) headquarters in Lichtenvoorde we are launching our newest spacecraft: EXP. V-202240.

Groep Marneth

Name: Transformation
Designer(s): Maud op den Akker

Position 2022: 11 (4320 points)

Just imagine, you were born in the wrong body. You have to tell those around you, undergo surgery, take hormones and after all these years of struggle you can be who you really are. You look in the mirror and you finally see the person you've always been. But what if that is not accepted? You are being bullied, harassed, stalked, ignored or mistreated... Let's transform society. Let's accept everyone.


Name: Composition
Designer(s): Dante Verbruggen en Lars Ikink

Position 2022: 12 (4200 points)

Some time ago a music machine was built, a huge structure made of pieces of metal and wood. Now it's time, time for this machine to revolutionize music to its absolute limits... Enjoy the spectacle you are about to witness because we are going back. BACK TO THE GRIND!

Veur Mekare

Name: Hidden
Designer(s): Chris Kleverwal en Luuk Smees

Position 2022: 13 (4140 points)

Taken over by nature, this ancient cannon is hidden in the depths. Dive along and see what else the sea is hiding from us.

Harbers Paul

Name: Poisonfrogs
Designer(s): Laurens Stortelder

Position 2022: 14 (3870 points)

We know the poisonfrog as a small, brightly colored amphibian but in the netherlands it is also an expression we use for someone with a short temper. The composition shows us the combination of these two meanings.

Van Reedestraat

Name: 2CV Hybrid
Designer(s): Arnout Menting

Position 2022: 15 (3810 points)

The classic but hybrid powered!

Groep van Ons

Name: Swan
Designer(s): Jules Meekes, Sil Eggink, Daan Wopereis en Kay Gosselink

Position 2022: 16 (3780 points)

Powerful lines reflect the largest water bird in the Netherlands. Simplicity with a fierce character makes this graceful bird a stately image in the streets of Lichtenvoorde.

Vedut Nogal

Name: Let's get loud
Designer(s): Mara Taken, Wessel Beerten en Isa Beemers

Position 2022: 17 (3690 points)

An unknown tension hangs in the air. Instruments play an irresistible melody. The volume is growing. The lights take control. Let us take you into our music experience!

De Lummels

Name: Candy
Designer(s): Wesley Helmers en Kevin Mateman

Position 2022: 18 (3360 points)

Everyone loves candy. Everyone likes sweetness. That's why de Lummels are sharing candy today. For everyone who loves sweet, we're getting something especially for you today!